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Why Art?

Like a single flower or a hanging scroll in a tea room,
Can we change the quality of architectural space with a single painting or a single piece of furniture?

Building an architectural space is a difficult hurdle. We want people to feel the change in the quality of architectural space more easily,
This is the reason why we started this activity.
We use paint, cement, and plaster, which are used as construction materials, as art materials, and express the texture obtained by layering them as paintings.
The paintings express the texture obtained by layering them and change the quality of the space.
We also feed back to architectural spaces based on our understanding of their properties.
Art activities are a new experiment for us at shushi architects.

We are also collaborating with self-thinning foresters to produce furniture and art using wood from thinned forests.
It is also an effort to think about the social issue of forests through these activities.


2021.4.30(金)〜 5.30(日)11:00 〜 19:00


石川静/建築とアートの重なり 展

会場/左近山アトリエ131110 (神奈川県横浜市旭区左近山16-1 左近山団地1-31-110)
日時/2021.04.30(金)〜 05.30(日)11:00 〜 19:00 (定休日を除く)

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